Friday, May 9, 2014

Mothers Day Champagne Brunch

Mothers Day to me is special, I guess because I haven't had her with me in so many years. So, I wanted to do a special little table just for her..I went upstairs to my cedar chest and found these plates and thought.....maybe I can do something with them! I really could have looked deeper because I know there is a teapot and etc. in there but, to tell you the knees hurt.
I have to share this with you and I can believe my Mom is getting a laugh also!

I was trimming a large shrub and left too long of a branch sticking out I guess because I was going close to plant a small shrub and bang, I hit the top of my head and yes I had a knot on it..and it hurt. Then, the next morning  I was coming out of my office and it has had a step up for 5 yrs. but, my house slipper caught and I knew I was going down and hit on both knees...ouch!  Oh..wait that is not the end of my day! I decided I would go spray my new plants and bushes with watching every step I took.  I have the hose and ready to sit down and drink my coffee while I am spraying the one side and heard this hissing sound which scared me for a sec. a sec.  is all it was until the main sprinklers came on and drenched  me before I could get out of them!
So,  here is my little table as slight as it may be....because I dare not walk up the stairs to find anything else for you to see!     Thank Goodness the master bedroom is downstairs!

 Used my crystal candle holders
 I just love these beaded placemats
 Ah...with the candlelight.
The colors of the flowers goes well with the colors in the Bavaria plates, don't you think?
Champagne please!
The beautiful flowers I received today from my wonderful grandson and wife and my precious great grandson, Thank you!
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!
Happy Mothers Day!


  1. I love this table Betty. Those dishes you dug out are so pretty and elegant. The flowers are gorgeous- love the colors! I couldn't help but laugh at your misadventures around the house! Cheers to a "safe" and Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Betty, your table is gorgeous. Those plates are beautiful and I know they mean so much to you.
    Sorry you had such a problem on that day. Now, you need to rest. Put up your feet and enjoy Mother's day. xo

  3. I love the plates. Wish we were there with you


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