Saturday, February 16, 2013

Inspiration for a Bedroom Makeover

A friend of mine sent a picture of a bedroom she thought I would like. 
I liked it immediately!  
Traditional Home Magazine
I was mostly inspired by the bedding and the 
soothing colors I felt from this room.  
My bed also has a high arch in 
and I intend to dress both sides of the 
bed with lamps and a picture or two!

This is opposite the bed and I loved the idea of 
the sitting chairs and the aqua accents.
(No fireplace...sigh.....)

We have to back up a bit here so I can show you the color and the position of the bed.  I had a golden toned paint on the walls and my bed centered between the two windows.

My friend and I discussed the layout and agreed the 
bed should move to the longer wall.  
I'm so glad I did this because it feels so much larger now.
This is a quick layout of the room.  

The right side shares a small walkway between 
two doors that I wanted to decorate.
I shopped my house and found this mirror and the coloring seemed like a good fit.  My friend and I had decided a mirror would help reflect light back from the windows and it would be nice to give this wall a finished look.  
(I just painted (Balanced Beige) and didn't even get the wall plate back on!)

I had some pictures stashed away (and never had used) that I showed her and we agreed on a plan for their layout.

My friend sends me her ideas and 
if I like them I try them!
(Isn't it great to have a friend like that)

And here it is!
(Brings to life a wall I was ignoring)

I've only just begun, but you can see I've gotten a few things underway and having so much fun doing it.

This is a rough draft.  I'm still waiting on draperies, lamps and some more bedding pieces.

I'll show my final design as soon as I get all of my 
things for it!
By the way...guess who my friend is!

(Drum roll>>>>>>>>please)

We communicate through e-mails since she's in
Michigan and I'm in New Mexico!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

I'm joining

Thursday, February 14, 2013


I haven't posted anything lately so, I thought I would do a little Valentine's Day setting.

 A sweet for the sweety!

 The bird plates and charger I got at Pier plates are Fiesta, flatware Napolian Bee from Horchows, the crystal I have had for years and the glitter placemats I bought at a local discount store.
Thanks for stopping by and always love your comments!

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