Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Mantel Came Together

I am forever changing something and this week it is my mantel. I am trying to find just that right look!
I received these two ginger jars/urns last week and have been working with them for the mantel but, wasn't really comfortable with what I had done.
Then a friend,  Liz @infusewithliz sent me a picture she had seen at Nell Hill's of a mantel she thought I might work with.
Isn't this beautiful? 
Of course,  my fireplace or room looks nothing like this....{{sigh}}
Of well, now on to show you what I ended up doing.  
The 2nd. picture is what I had done before seeing this.

The one following is the design I decided to go with,  I like the pop of white!
What do you think?

One more quest I have completed! 
That is until I find that small pedestal to try under the middle white pot, I know I have one someplace....oh....could it be upstairs or maybe the attic..... oh,  I need to stop this!!
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  1. Perfect Betty! You nailed this! I'm glad that inspiration photo gave you a good starting point! It's fun to see all the different ways you tried it. I like you final choice!

  2. Thank you Liz and thank you for getting me going on this!

  3. Oh I love your urns and your mantel looks amazing. So pretty with the blue and white. Great vignette. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  4. Hi Bettie,
    I actually loved your original design the best, only I think that white bowl with those pretty colored balls would look great right where the cage is.........don't get me wrong I liked it all the ways you have it, just thought your design was much more interesting............all great vignettes tho, enjoyed seeing all the ways you tried it. I am am like that too, I try all sorts of things before I come up with my final conclusion.....
    Blessings, Nellie

  5. Hi, Betty! I'm a friend of Liz, and she recommended your blog to me. With Christmas long gone now, it's fun to play with different vignettes to keep the magic around the fireplace going! We can't all have fireplaces like those at Nell Hill's (goodness knows I don't!!!), but it's all about the inspiration. You did a good job of creating something completely unique that works well with the deeper colors of your fireplace surround but that still captures the essence of your inspiration photo. It's a great transitional look for this weird little time after the opulence of the Christmas holidays and Spring!

  6. I enjoyed all of the mantels, but I think I liked the last one best. The pop of white was just what it needed! I've been having some of the same issues myself so I can empathize :)

  7. Betty Marie,
    You did an amazing job of creating a gorgeous mantle with your blue & white jars!!! That Liz is so inspiring!!!...as is Nell Hill, er, Mary Carol Garrity!
    P.S. Visiting from Marty's!

  8. Hi Betty, the mantel looks good with the pop of white. It breaks up the brown look. I say, stick with the white one. It's good to see you post again Betty.

  9. Blue and white is always right!

    Lovely mantle!

  10. Hi Betty, Blue and white is my favorite color combo in decorating. I Love the jars and the cute topiaries. Thanks for visiting me and I am now a new follower. xx, Sherry


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