Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"Happy Birthday America"

Independence Day July 4th.

Gotta have the sparkle

My hat

Hard to tell but, the chargers are blue!

These two white bowls came from Pottery Barn..they definitely make a statement!

Wishing you a safe and enjoyable 4th. of July.
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Patriotic Memorial Day

Beary, is happy she can help with this day of memories and gratitude!

 She lit a candle for all.
 She loves our flag.

 Thank You!

In memory of those that have fallen and in extreme gratitude to those still serving!

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

~~~My Spring Cloche~~~

 I just had to use my new wire cloche's
Along with the beautiful flowers I received for Mother's Day! 

 The little bird enjoys smelling the wonderful flowers!

 Ahhh, how sweet!

 Have to get a touch of blue!

 This was my attempt at an overview!

Hope you enjoyed my little touch of Spring!

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Inspiration for a Bedroom Makeover

A friend of mine sent a picture of a bedroom she thought I would like. 
I liked it immediately!  
Traditional Home Magazine
I was mostly inspired by the bedding and the 
soothing colors I felt from this room.  
My bed also has a high arch in 
and I intend to dress both sides of the 
bed with lamps and a picture or two!

This is opposite the bed and I loved the idea of 
the sitting chairs and the aqua accents.
(No fireplace...sigh.....)

We have to back up a bit here so I can show you the color and the position of the bed.  I had a golden toned paint on the walls and my bed centered between the two windows.

My friend and I discussed the layout and agreed the 
bed should move to the longer wall.  
I'm so glad I did this because it feels so much larger now.
This is a quick layout of the room.  

The right side shares a small walkway between 
two doors that I wanted to decorate.
I shopped my house and found this mirror and the coloring seemed like a good fit.  My friend and I had decided a mirror would help reflect light back from the windows and it would be nice to give this wall a finished look.  
(I just painted (Balanced Beige) and didn't even get the wall plate back on!)

I had some pictures stashed away (and never had used) that I showed her and we agreed on a plan for their layout.

My friend sends me her ideas and 
if I like them I try them!
(Isn't it great to have a friend like that)

And here it is!
(Brings to life a wall I was ignoring)

I've only just begun, but you can see I've gotten a few things underway and having so much fun doing it.

This is a rough draft.  I'm still waiting on draperies, lamps and some more bedding pieces.

I'll show my final design as soon as I get all of my 
things for it!
By the way...guess who my friend is!

(Drum roll>>>>>>>>please)

We communicate through e-mails since she's in
Michigan and I'm in New Mexico!

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Thursday, February 14, 2013


I haven't posted anything lately so, I thought I would do a little Valentine's Day setting.

 A sweet for the sweety!

 The bird plates and charger I got at Pier plates are Fiesta, flatware Napolian Bee from Horchows, the crystal I have had for years and the glitter placemats I bought at a local discount store.
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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Mantel Came Together

I am forever changing something and this week it is my mantel. I am trying to find just that right look!
I received these two ginger jars/urns last week and have been working with them for the mantel but, wasn't really comfortable with what I had done.
Then a friend,  Liz @infusewithliz sent me a picture she had seen at Nell Hill's of a mantel she thought I might work with.
Isn't this beautiful? 
Of course,  my fireplace or room looks nothing like this....{{sigh}}
Of well, now on to show you what I ended up doing.  
The 2nd. picture is what I had done before seeing this.

The one following is the design I decided to go with,  I like the pop of white!
What do you think?

One more quest I have completed! 
That is until I find that small pedestal to try under the middle white pot, I know I have one someplace....oh....could it be upstairs or maybe the attic..... oh,  I need to stop this!!
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