Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I said I would show you the Cavern's...Hope you are ready!

  •  This is the view before, you get to the path to go down!
It get's to me every time I get to this point!!!! 

I'm not sure I want to do this!

 OK....Not so bad, Flowstone feature
 You expect me to go through that?
Narrow passage
Lion's tail  Ok?
 Another one of those narrow passage's !
I don't like close places!
 Speleothems with Stalactites and Stalagmites
 I know I have seen this in a movie?
Hope they took all the strange creatures with them?
 I am thinking..this is not so scary
 Now, this gives you cold chill's
 Kind of spooky...Mossy path
 OK..I am ready to get out of here!
 Which way to the exit?
Stalagmites..very Big one's

 Whew...I made it OUT
Sorry, I had to use pictures from the Caverns's site

You know how I remember the names?
Stalactites are holding on and hope to stay up above.
Stalagmites, might make it to the top.
Just something I made up for me to remember which was which!

 I also taught this to the 30 Brownies that,  I was the troop leader for and took them on a trip through the cavern's after, they won 1st. place for their float in the Christmas parade along with my daughter, who 
was a member of the troop but, was in leg braces all through grade school.  They did make special arrangements for her to ride the elevator down and join us in the Big Room...



  1. Hi Betty!
    Wow those caverns are really fascinating! I'm a bit of a chicken to go in those myself- but as long as the spaces are'nt too small I think I could handle it (for a short while!).

  2. Liz, after you get through the trail down, there is a huge room you come to...they used to serve food there but heard they quit because of the trash problem. Everyone needs to experience the caverns at least once!


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