Thursday, October 4, 2012

I Need A New Camera!

I have been working on my camera' I know how!  But, I thought they were both good camera' (Kodak P850) with all the different lens attachments, will not accept the battery as being charged, I guess!  The other is a (Canon SX120IS) that keeps telling me a lens error, restart the camera! I can't get them to work!!!!!  Of course,  I have a couple of great antique camera's that would probably do wonders for my pictures if,  I knew how to use all the parts and then get the pictures developed and scan them in to the computer and so on...........Not........
Here, I was ready to start blogging more and this happens!
So, I will be off to the store to seek out a great camera that does all the things I need for Blogging...without any knowledge and all by myself   So,  I have a mission...........any suggestions?


  1. Hey Betty!
    When you look have someone explain how to use each camera you look at and see if you understand the camera easily. It kind of depends on your skill level as to how fancy the camera should be. Stick to good brand names- not some foreign name no-one has ever heard it.

  2. Hi Betty, there are so many choices out there. My husband and I did quite a bit of research before we bought ours this year. Depending on your budget and experience. We chose a Sony SEL1855 with two lenses. It was a package deal.

  3. Thank you Liz & Linda for your experience and knowledge on camera's. I am going to take my time and hopefully get to go to Lubbock or ElPaso to look, both are about 160 miles. I have been looking online and it is mindbogglingly...kind of like reading all this stuff to learn how to do things to your blog!!!! Yikes!!!!


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